Garment Care-Green Level Uniforms / GEI

 Uniform Care

1)  Please ensure uniforms purchased are the right size for the staff.

     Uniforms should not be worn too tight

2) The standard issue of uniform should at least be the following

    (2 Jackets,3 Blouses/Shirts, 2 Trousers/2 skirts)

3) Uniforms should be worn in rotation

4) Laundry care instructions in the uniforms should be followed

    Please do not use washing powders with bleaching agents on any of uniforms

5) Wool Uniforms should be rested between wears.

6) Uniforms are cleaned regularly. All drycleaning should be done professionally and tailored garments should be pressed after dry cleaning. Under no circumstances are dry cleanable garments to be washed.Based on the above standards and care the minimum life expactancy of uniforms are as follows:Garments can and will last longer, however the final life of garments is always dependant on the care the staff take, the fit of garments, laundry facilities and maintenance of uniforms as a whole

Dry clean Garments

1) Shirt, tunics, Dresses, Trousers and Waistcoats-12 months

2) Jackets and skirts-18 months

Washable Garments

1) Shirts, Tunics, Dresses-12 months; Trousers and waistcoats-8 months

2) Jackets and skirts- 10 months